BishopsBio We are living in exciting and challenging times. Although there is great promise and opportunity, adversity is formidable. However, I must say, “do not be discouraged” The truth is that a celebration is in order. Your purpose in this life is full of promise and opportunity that has been ordained by God.

Blessings flow down from the Lord our God each and every day with no demand, without question, and often undeservedly. Yours are and have always been within your reach. God is providing for you  right now as you are reading this message.

Saved or unsaved, all are welcomed here at Petra. Most importantly, you are always welcomed in the presence of  God wherever you may be. God is not confined to a placed of worship. Out of the storm comes sunlight. God is omnipresent, which means that there is no escaping His love, His protection, and His absolute commitment.

Sometimes temptation is so deceptive that we almost get misled into believing we can mix a little bad with a lot of good. You and I both know that the good and bad can never live peacefully together! Since the beginning of time, the battle between good and bad has ensued. It is being fought right now within all of us, saved or unsaved.

The Good News is you are not in this battle alone. Jesus Christ and this ministry are right here to support you all along the way. We are just a touch away! Reach out and grab your promise and opportunity today. God Bless You.

Bishop Donald Clay Sr. Pastor

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God Bless You,
Bishop Donald Clay

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