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P.S. was stricken with a severe case of pancreatitis and was hospitalized for seven days, being fed through an IV.  He was out of work for three weeks.  Through prayers, as well as the love and care of the hospital and future wife, he was fully healed and able to move on with wedding plans!

K.K.  daughter’s eyesight was so bad, she was declared “legally blind”.  Eyesight was restored to the point where she doesn’t even need glasses anymore!

K.K.  has been attending Financial Freedom classes at Petra and praying about her financial situation.  Praise God, her credit score has increased dramatically!

S.A. daughter had swelling in her arm and was going to make an appointment to go to the doctor. They prayed and were led to go to the emergency room instead.  When she was examined, the doctor told them that she had a blood clot that may have traveled to her heart and killed her if they had not come into the emergency room.  She’s at home recovering well, just taking blood thinners.

A.M. niece attends college, and when she was home on Christmas break asked for prayer concerning her finances.  A.M. decreed that God would provide the money she needed for school.  This week her niece texted her to tell her that she received over $10,000.  She declared that “God is so good”!

E.S. granddaughter received a letter from the college to which she applied stating that she would be in the Honors Program and awarded a scholarship. The scholarship will cover the entire cost of the whole four years.  She would be graduating with “$0” bills!

H.J. was suffering at home for four days before driving herself to the hospital.  She had emergency surgery due to a ruptured appendix.  The doctors told her that she would have been dead the next day had she not gotten to the hospital, because the infection was spreading throughout her body.  But the grace of God saved her!

A.J. mother had been in the hospital for two weeks with an infection in her body. Her mother’s legs, feet and toes were turning black due to lack of circulation. The doctors told the family that they would have to amputate the leg and then send her to hospice care.  A.J. and Petra continued to pray and God told A.J. to “believe” in a healing miracle. To the doctors surprise, the black skin started to peel and the leg is healthy–no amputation needed and healing continues to take place!

A. A. had water flowing from her roof to her porch and flooding the basement.  She called the insurance company and the adjuster told her that it was not covered because it was not “storm damage”.  She prayed, and one month later she received a check to cover repair of all of the damage to her roof!

J. S. had been taking weekly chemo treatments for multiple myeloma cancer.  On Jan. 2, 2020, she was told that the cancer was non-detectable and that no more chemo was needed.  By His stripes, she is healed!!!

L.R. stepped out on faith last week and began tithing, although their family has been in a challenging financial position.  They owed several months of back mortgage payments and didn’t have the money to catch up on them. Standing on the word of the Lord, they went back to the bank and this time the bank modified their mortgage payments so that they could fit them in the budget.  They are now up to date in their payments!

M.K. had been praying for a relative (20 year-old young woman) who was diagnosed with a blood disease and needed a bone marrow transplant. Petra members were also praying for her.  Recently, the relative went back to the doctors for the transplant and they told her that she didn’t need it because her blood levels had gone up!

L.R.’s family owed thousands of dollars in back taxes to the IRS. The extension that they filed for payment came due and they had no money to make the payment. God sent them provision through an unlikely source, who paid the taxes for them!

A.S. had a challenging year with the passing of her grandmother, a long-term relationship breakup and loss of a job.  During this Kairos season, she gave her life to Christ and was baptized.  She has recently started a new job, making more money than the previous one, and has settled some outstanding debts. She is now the happiest she has been in a long time!

D.C. – Niece innocently got caught up in the crossfire of people shooting and got shot in the head.  It was a miracle that her niece was still able to call home with the bullet lodged in her head. Doctors said the bullet missed all vital parts and is slowly moving towards the place where they can safely surgically remove it!

R.P. – An unexpected withdrawal led to several checks bouncing and fees incurred on her bank account.  She went to the bank to pay the fees and cover the overdraws. She talked to the banker and he said he’d see what he could do.  Praise God, he waived all of the overdraft fees!

E.T. – Family needed a larger vehicle for their expanding family.  God allowed them to put together the down payment, but the first month’s payment was going to put a strain on their budget for that month.  They just received a letter from the dealer notifying them that part of their deal included waiver of the first month’s payment!

A.J. – Following a fender-bender three months ago, the insurance company of the person involved refused to pay her deductible.  Just last week, the deductible money showed up in her bank account!

C. C. went into a car dealer expecting to purchase a used car.  Her husband told her that God wanted her to have a “new” car.  Surprisingly, she learned that her credit score had risen to 759 and she was blessed with the purchase of a new car!

S.S. went shopping in Walmart and asked the cashier to stop when she got to $80 (because that was all that she had to spend).  The cashier kept going and didn’t stop at $80. There was a familiar woman behind her and the woman told the cashier that she would not only pay the amount over the $80, but she paid the entire bill for all of the groceries!

J.D. was facing some financial struggles, needing money to replace a broken down vehicle, furniture, and school tuition. A few days ago he received an unexpected scholarship, which was enough to cover school expenses, living needs and it allowed him to pick up a new vehicle.  He has no doubt that it was God who came through in this Kairos moment!

K.H. received an eviction notice two weeks ago.  She called the landlord to discuss making payment arrangements.  The landlord told her that they would work with her and for her to tear up the eviction notice!

S.T. daughter’s car kept breaking down and mechanics couldn’t repair it. She needed transportation to take her son to a job interview.  They prayed and God answered with a new 2019 Chevy Malibu and her son was hired upon first interview!

A.M.’s landlord gave her 60 days to vacate her apartment.  She began searching for another apartment in a safer neighborhood.  Considering her credit and rental history, she was told “no”. She decreed and declared, exercising her faith; God said “yes” answering her prayers with a new apartment!

V.C.’s young son found 3 pennies and sowed them unto the Lord during service.  A stranger came up to him later and gave him $3.00! Her son’s faith was increased and the next week, he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

P.M. was diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer last year. She had chemo, but the cancer had spread to bones and lungs.  She continued to pray and believe in God for healing. February, she received a report that cancer was gone from the lungs and the other tumors were shrinking.  Last month, the reports showed no cancer in the bones, other tumors still shrinking. Awaiting the next report now that will show all cancer is gone. By His stripes she is healed!

I.C. suffers from chronic pain, but God has recently allowed her to find relief in use of more natural remedies instead of opioids!

M.L. company scheduled her to work as a “reserve” for the month of September.  This meant she would be away from her family, including her middle school child, most of the month. She was upset but prayed for God to work it out.  Out of nowhere, she got a call from the company telling her that scheduling her as a “reserve” was their mistake.  They proceeded to let her know that not only was she not going to work reserve, but she did not have to work one day in September and that she would be paid for the full month!  Basically, God gave her a paid vacation for the month of September!

J.S. son was in a motorcycle accident, in the busiest intersection of L.A., thrown from his bike over the handlebars.  Miraculously, he walked away with merely a few scratches on his fingers!

K.D. – couple sowed seeds during Dr. Bill Winston service on Friday. On Saturday, someone paid for their medications, paid of their cell phone bills, and bought them so much meat that their freezer couldn’t hold it!

C.D recently moved back to Pittsburgh after being gone for 3 years. Went back to a job previously held in Pittsburgh.  Supposed to be hired on as a “new hire” due to being gone for more than 1 year. Got hired back as if she never left, regaining her company seniority including starting off with 2 weeks of vacation and paid holidays!

L.S. was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and has gone through periods of tremendous pain.  Sunday, Bishop called for those that could not move a limb to stand up and do so. She stood up and walked around and the pain began to leave her body.  She felt good enough on Sunday, not to have to take a pain pill all day.  On Monday, she is feeling even better!

C.C. went to the doctor to follow-up on her stroke.  Dr. told her that she never has to come back.  She is healed!

L.H. has no job (was fired 2 weeks prior), no credit (always used lay-away plans), no money for down payment, but God blessed her with a brand new 2019 Kia Optima.

C.B. had air conditioning breakdown on extremely hot day.  She planned to get it repaired.  Before calling repairman, she heard God say “try it again”.  She tried it again and it worked!

N.M. before retiring to bed one night noticed that the freezer had water leaking onto the floor.  Opened the freezer to see that food had started to defrost and the motor not running.  It would have been a very expensive unit to replace.  Prayed about it, went to sleep and woke up the next morning to the sound of the motor running and the food frozen.  Freezer has been working ever since.

C.C. had a very large tax bill that needed to be paid.  She mailed in the payment and the check was returned to her because the tax bill had been paid. She has no idea who paid it–it had to be God!

S.B. received a $500 financial miracle.  She had two (2) utility disconnect notices and had run out of extensions to the deadlines.  She didn’t have the money, but believed God for a miracle.  She has never had a $0 balance on either bill; however, with this financial blessing both utilities were “paid in full”!

J.S. needed new roof and gutters because water was leaking into the basement.  The insurance adjuster said she did not have wind or storm damage, so it would not be covered.  The adjuster took pictures of the damage and submitted to the insurance company anyway. A month later (during Kairos) she received a check in the mail to cover half the cost of a new roof and gutters.  God wasn’t done yet–the money for the other half of the work was unexpectedly received from her employer because they didn’t make payments to her health insurance.

T.M. had to move from her apartment (lease was up).  She had no money to pay for deposit on new apartment, nor money to rent truck to move. Everyone she thought that would help her (family, friends) did not–she felt alone. She was surprisingly blessed with money from her manager and co-workers.  After taking the money to the new landlord, they told her she still couldn’t have the apartment because her credit was too bad.  She feared being homeless and sleeping in her car.  A week before she was to be out of her apartment, the new apartment landlord called her back to tell her she would have the apartment (even with bad credit).

C.W. received Sheriff’s notice that rental property would be sold on Monday due to back taxes.  On Friday, received a notification that the sale was being delayed a month. After notification of the delay, received some legal advice and will have paperwork submitted to halt the sale.

J.S. God increased her business from having an office in Pittsburgh, to adding an office in Los Angeles.

J.S. son needed to pay his insurance, but didn’t have the money to pay it.  The  payment was made and he had no idea who paid it.

K.F. has unexpectantly become the owner of an established, successful business.

S.J. has been delivered from paralysis following a visit from and prayer by one of our ministers.

M.J. has miraculously had an x-ray showing that her formerly twisted spine is now straight.

M.F. has been declared cancer free!