Nation Builders  - The Cambodian Initiative


ZoeAnna and I are settling in at Sisophone Cambodia. We have had some interesting adventures which we will elaborate more on in our upcoming newsletter. (Especially Kids Camp). We wanted to contact all of you to remind you that the date to have the shipping container picked up from Petra and sent to the docks has been extended. So we have about 2 weeks to add any other items to support the vocational/technical initiative. The list of items still needed is listed below.

Click here to watch our video overview of this initiative.

For additional information please contact Bill Richardson, Missions Director at SEAPC at Please review the list and lets try to fill it to capacity before it is picked up.

Blessings, Dan and ZoeAnna

Equipment list for Vocational/Technical Shops  

Please be sure all equipment is in good working order and include manuals if you have them.

  1. Clothing Manufacturing and Sewing
  2. Straight pins
  3. Pin cushions
  4. Seamstress Tape measures.
  5. Scissors
  6. Needles
  7. Sewing machine needles.
  8. Sewing machines.
  9. Sewing machine tables.
  10. Fabric cutting boards
  11. Fabric markers
  12. Thread various colors
  13. Bolts of fabric
  14. Three-in-one oil
  15. Bias tape
  16. Buttons
  17. Zippers
  18. Storage containers


  1. Musical instruments in good working order.
  2. Music instruction books for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels
  3. music stands

Nursing supplies

  1. Plastic storage bins for following equipment
  2. Blood pressure cuffs
  3. Disposable gloves various sizes.
  4. Sheets and blankets.
  5. Hospital gowns.
  6. First aid supplies.
  7. Dressing gauzes of different sizes.
  8. Medical tape.
  9. Medical scissors.
  10. Cotton tipped applicator’s
  11. Saline
  12. Alcohol swabs.
  13. Antibiotic ointment.
  14. Health, anatomy and physiology posters.
  15. Safety posters, nutrition posters, dental posters, hygiene posters, health careers posters, infection control posters.
  16. Thermometer with sleeves.
  17. Hand and nail brushes.
  18. Orange sticks.
  19. Protective eyewear.
  20. Towels, washcloths.
  21. Cotton balls.
  22. Linen cart or container.
  23. Face clock with sweep second hand
  24. Triangular bandages.
  25. Rolled gauze.
  26. Elastic bandages.
  27. Urine test strips.
  28. Collection cups.
  29. Tongue depressors.
  30. Lubricant
  31. Laryngeal mirror
  32. Reflex percussion hammer
  33. Bed pan with cover
  34. Urinal with cover

Basic shop needs

  1. storage boxes
  2. folding desks and chairs
  3. movable workbenches
  4. fire extinguishers
  5. shop brooms
  6. dust pans
  7. bench dust brushes
  8. safety glasses
  9. hard hats
  10. hearing protection
  11. leather work gloves