Elder Kathy D. Evans

Elder Kathy D. Evans, a Pittsburgh native, is a graduate of Westinghouse High School and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Her flair for interior design is evident throughout Petra International Ministries through her interior design work that graces just about every space within the building!  As our ministry grows and expands, she brings just the right atmosphere to each place with colors, textures, and styles that invite the presence of the Lord.  It’s no wonder then, that she also helps set the spiritual atmosphere as she provides leadership to the Intercessory Prayer Ministry and the Hospitality Ministry.

Elder Kathy has been a member of Petra International Ministries for 18 years and has come to embrace her prophetic giving.  Her calling is to minister to young adult women, which she does through Daughters of Destiny, and her passion is to one day have a home for young women in need of coverage and support.

Elder Kathy has two children, Benny and Brooke, and two beautiful granddaughters, Brianna and Arianna.

Elder Kathy is in full-time ministry and, in addition to covering the Hospitality Ministry, Intercessory Prayer Ministry, and the Daughters of Destiny, serves as Administrative Assistant to Bishop Clay.


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