Elder Lisa Clay

Elder Lisa Clay

Elder Lisa Clay

A Worshiper

Ask anyone who has ever attended worship services at Petra International Ministries to describe Elder Lisa. Without fail, their response will be captured by one word: Worshiper!

As Petra’s Worship Leader, it is her responsibility to create a welcoming atmosphere for the dwelling of the Holy Spirit. From the very first note Elder Lisa plays on her keyboard and throughout the worship service the congregation is engaged in a deeply intimate and personal experience with God; an encounter. The synergy between Elder Lisa and her husband, Bishop Donald Clay, is unparalleled in combining worship with the word of God in a compelling, life changing way.

Lisa Clay is an Administrative Elder of Petra International Ministries, and is, therefore, intimately involved with all facets of the ministry’s growth and development. In addition to her responsibilities as the Worship Leader, she provides oversight to the Worship Ministry and the Women’s Ministry. Lisa has a passion for women and children that is fervently motivational.

She takes very seriously her role as “mother” in the lives of two adult children, their spouses and children as well as the entire Petra family. She actively teaches, mentors, and interacts with those for whom she has assumed loving responsibility. Elder Lisa’s ministry delivers a life changing message of love, self-worth, empowerment, and accomplishment through relationship with Christ, which brings about revelation of purpose. In her own words, her greatest desire is “to know God more and to become more like Him. My heart’s desire is to continually seek God, to please Him and to represent Him to others by loving them as He has loved me.”


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