Elder Nellie F. Mells

Elder Nellie is one of the founding members of Petra.  She gave her life to Christ in 1985 and it has never been the same. The grace of God has allowed Elder Nellie to become “more than a conqueror”.  Though it was challenging, God ordered her steps to further her education, including earning an MBA and a CPCM certification in Government Contracting.

God has positioned her in the marketplace as the Small Business Liaison Officer for her employer where she is responsible for managing the company’s Small Business Program. In her position she assists those that have been historically underrepresented in receiving government contracts (minorities, women and veterans) to assist them in gaining access to the millions of dollars being subcontracted annually. She has over 30 years of experience in Government Contracts. She also serves on the local Board of Advisors of the National Contract Management Association.

Her passion is for  “Restoration of Family”, one of the areas of the Petra Vision.  Her pastoral gifting is exercised as the Elder of Covering for Just A Prayer Away, Baptism and the Boots on the Ground Ministries. God has called her to administer healing, compassion and deliverance to others by being a living example that “You can do all things through Christ!”

The love of her family is second only to her love for God and she finds joy in spending time with them–especially her grandchildren.


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