Elder Timothy Walker

Elder Tim is gifted in many areas, most particularly in the area of audio/visual technology, and he, therefore, is charged with the design, maintenance, and operation of Petra’s sound and recording systems. Additionally, Elder Tim provides oversight to the management of Petra’s building facility. His proficiency in these areas led to the establishment of his own business, through which he provides technical services to numerous ministries both in Pittsburgh and in other cities.

His most significant gift, however, is the gift of love that he distributes liberally throughout this ministry flowing out of his pastoral gifting. It is this gift that enables him to provide oversight to most of the service ministries of Petra, assuring that each and every member is loved, supported, ministered to and receives the loving “touch” of family whenever and wherever needed. He gives his time and talents unselfishly to assure that the most vulnerable in our family, particularly the elderly, receive the support and assistance they need.

Elder Tim’s passion is creating a family atmosphere of love and unity that provides healing and wholeness to all.


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