Giving Yourself a Faith Check

As the saying goes, we must practice what we preach. That being said, we are all human, and sometimes our thoughts and actions contradict our beliefs. If you are searching for ways to improve your relationship with God, and to determine if your faith is as truly as strong as you believe—take some time out to contemplate the questions below.

Are You A Worrywart?

If you, your friends, or your family can describe you as a worrywart, then your level of faith likely has some room for improvement. When we worry, we are not trusting God to meet our needs. In fact, frequent worrying and anxiety may also be keeping us from seeing opportunities. When we are too focused on a singular outcome, then we may not be able to see that God has provided a more suitable alternative.

Do You See The Glass As Half Empty?

Whether speaking of day-to-day activities, or any unexpected changes in your life, consider if you respond as though the glass is half-full, or half-empty. In other words, are you more optimistic than you are pessimistic? If you always see the negative in something first, then you are not being grateful for all that the Lord is providing you. In fact, you may be overlooking some of the joy and good fortune in your life.

Do You Face Your Fears?

There are some things that we fear instinctually, such as fear of a wild animals like lions or tigers. While God has instilled these instincts within us to help keep us safe, most of us have fears that are not instinctual—but instead highlight that we may have room for improvement in our level of faith. Most often, our fears are related to changes outside of our current comfort zone, or to a general fear of the unknown. A few common fears include a fear of failure, flying, public speaking, or a fear of letting others get too close. By attending a modern worship service, we can continue building a relationship with God—and we can learn to face our fears.

Can You Identify The Lessons Learned In Times Of Turmoil?

Even if you are generally optimistic, we all face challenging times in life. It is these times of turmoil that play a vital role in our ongoing growth and development. During challenging times we must turn to our bible study group and weekly church worship service to help to maintain our peace of mind. While it may take some time, our ability to identify the lessons learned, is directly related to our faith in God.

The answers to the questions above will help you to determine what areas of faith you can focus on while building a relationship with God. Get your faith back on track with the modern worship services from Petra International Ministries. At Petra, we recognize the difficulties we all face in our everyday lives. That’s why we offer our modern worship services open to all families that focus on strengthening your faith through song and prayer. Start building your relationship with God with help from Petra International Ministires.


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