Jeremiah 29:11

Our History

In the spring of 1994, Bishop Donald O. Clay, Jr. was led by the Holy Spirit to birth a non-traditional, non-denominational Ministry which would come to be known as “Petra International Ministries”.

“Petra” (Greek for “Rock”), is spoken of in Matthew 16:18 where Christ states; “UPON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH…”

Petra began with a few faithful worshippers who strongly desired a greater encounter with God, beyond what they were currently experiencing. These individuals gathered for a time of worship, prayer and communion, during which the Holy Spirit instructed Bishop Clay to begin hosting weekly corporate Worship Services.

Life-Changing God Encounter

The first Worship Service was held in a high school auditorium in April 1994, with approximately 500 people in attendance. The presence of God filled the atmosphere and many experienced a life-changing “God-encounter” unlike any previous experience!

Petra Finds A Home

The Petra family continued to grow, gathering weekly in various facilities as individuals would open their doors to accommodate the Petra gatherings. The manifest presence of God continued to increase as the Petra family gathered and in 1995, God planted Petra International Ministries in a facility on the top of a mountain in the eastern corner of Pittsburgh. The 75,000 square foot building, (formerly a Zayres Department Store), has been converted into a beautiful space to house Petra International Ministries.

Multi-Faceted Love

Bishop Clay, his loving wife, Elder Lisa Clay and the Eldership of Petra, are blessed to parent such a great family! The Petra family is a wonderful expression of the multi-faceted love of God in the earth! Diverse, yet…One In The Spirit!

Strong Foundation

With worship and the word of God as the foundation, the family of Petra continues to thrive! The Petra family finds pleasure in ministering to the needs of others, serving and helping to build others, as God, by His Spirit, continues to build this family…”UPON THIS ROCK”!!!