Petra Covid-19 Building Protocol

May 14, 2020

Petra family,

Certainly, we are in a time of great challenge, change, and turmoil as the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted dramatic changes in our lives and daily routines.  It is important that we remember that God is in control. Whether we are sheltering at home or among the brave service providers that are venturing out to work every day, we must use this time to draw closer to God that we may grow in faith and confidence in Him and Him alone.

I am ever so grateful that we have been able to stay in communication with each other through our live streams, phone calls, and Zoom meetings!  These are vital ways that we can stay in touch with each other, support each other, and give comfort to one another.  I encourage each of you to stay in contact with your Petra family because even though we cannot gather, as usual, God has given us ways to stay connected.

I take very seriously the responsibility I have for this family.  God has given me oversight of each of you and it is my commitment to do all within my power to assure your health and safety, both spiritually and naturally.  It is for this reason that I closed the Petra church building in March.  Joseph’s Harvest has been the only continuing activity in the church building as we continually respond to families and individuals in desperate need of food.  All other activities have ceased because I do not want to unnecessarily expose our family, our staff, or visitors to any potential health threat.

For this reason, I want to make clear that until further notice no activities can be conducted in the church building other than Joseph’s Harvest.  This includes home going services, weddings, receptions, baby dedications, or meetings of any kind.  I understand what a disruption this can be to a family, particularly in the event of the transition of a loved one, but wisdom dictates that we consider the health and safety of everyone involved.

We are prepared to discuss doing all that we can in support of our families using virtual technology and I encourage you to contact the church office to discuss any needs you may have and we will do all that we can to meet your needs and support you and your family.

Elder Lisa and I send our love and continual covering of prayer to you and your family.  We truly miss seeing you and anxiously await the day when God releases us to gather again.

Yours in Christ,