Jun 2019

Religion is a topic that many people simply refuse to discuss because of the likelihood that there will be some type of disagreement or confrontation. In fact, in many cases people have taken the stance, it’s my way or the highway. Throughout the ages, this topic has created universal rifts between countries, ethnic groups, and even best friends. Wars have been started and people have been exterminated over their religious differences. A great deal of the current Protestant splintering is a result of basic disagreements on the details of the practice. Karen......

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Mar 2019

R3 Vision Unveiling Join us, July 9th, 7 :00 PM at Petra as Bishop Donald Clay unveils the vision, plan and timing for the R3 movement in Pittsburgh. We believe that God has has provided a direction for the body of Christ in Pittsburgh to work together for the greater good of our city.  Please plan to be here on-time.  You don’t want to miss this pertinent information. The service will open with worship to set the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to release all that God has purposed through Bishop Clay....

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Jan 2019
A House Divided Cannot Stand

Written by Elder Connie Balthrop As I ponder the awful state of affairs in our national government and offer consistent prayers for the innocent government workers, contractors, and vendors that are suffering and being used as pawns in a contentious and deeply divided atmosphere, it is so easy for me to become frustrated and downright angry with … who?  There are no innocent parties here; there’s enough blame to go around. As corny as it may sound, this reminds me of the Scripture concerning Martha and Mary (Luke 10: 38-42).  Martha was......

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