Renaissance House of Prayer (RHOP)

Renaissance House of Prayer (RHOP) is the evolution of Pittsburgh Renaissance 3. Pittsburgh has been the recipient of numerous prophetic words about an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. For many, the term revival didn’t seem to fully express the sense of all the Lord wants to do in our city. But another prophetic word came forth in January 2012 that those hearing it felt it captured the magnitude of what God wants to do. That word is Renaissance.

Since there had already been two previous renaissance movements in Pittsburgh centered around economic development it was determined that it should be called Pittsburgh Renaissance 3. The specific difference being a spiritual reset as opposed to economical that focused on unified worship, intercession, healing and selfless service.

Renaissance Services – In the spirit of the Pittsburgh Unity Gathering (11/11/11), citywide prayer services are held at Petra International Ministries each Thursday at 7 pm.


This Month’s Prayer Focus:

Join us each week as we invoke God’s Presence to spread throughout the city empowering us to fulfill the prophetic words that have been released over our city and beyond.


The Bridge 2017 

Deuteronomy 8:1, “Every commandment which I command you today you must be careful to observe, that you may live and multiply, and go in and possess the land of which the Lord swore to your fathers.”

Exodus 15:17, “You will bring them in and plant them in the mountain of Your inheritance, in the place, O Lord, which You have made for Your own dwelling, the sanctuary, O Lord, which Your hands have established.

Deuteronomy 29:29, “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

I Timothy 4:12, “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

Blessings for the Month of Tammuz

June 25 – July 23, 2017, Hebrew Year 5777

A month to see and establish the brilliance of your righteousness. Even when negative things happen, we can shine brighter and brighter through praise and declaration.

Isaiah 58:8, “then your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily. And your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.”

Psalms 112:4, “Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness.”

Daniel 12:3, “Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.”

This is the month Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians (Jeremiah 39:2), a very negative thing. However, in this same month Ezekiel saw the glory. Pray to see the glory of God.

Ezekiel 1:1, “Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the River Chebar, that the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.”

God wants us to really shine this month, and one of the ways will be through worship. Ask the Lord to take your worship to new level.

Psalms 95:6, “Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.”

This is a month to either accept your calling or speak an evil report of who you are. Look at past prophecies of who you are and declare them this month. They will be seeds for a great harvest.

This is the month to guard your heart, what you feel and think, as well as what you allow yourself to see.

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